My First Book of Tracks

My First Book of Tracks

1. Edition
Salon für Kunstbuch edition No. 7
a No-ISBN publication | Vienna 2016
Idea and implementation: Roland Maurmair
Graphic, layout and illustration: Roland Maurmair
Print and embossing: gugler* print GmbH

© Roland Maurmair 2016
All rights reserved.

My First Book of Tracks

My First Book of Tracks is a children's book in which knowledge transfer happens by way of the archaic art of track reading, in combination with virtual information through augmented reality.


The content presents seven tracks of indigenous animals which are included in the book in the form of embossed prints. The opposite page, in each case, shows an illustration of the respective animal. With the help of the Book of Tracks app the image can be scanned with a Smartphone or tablet, and the animal, subsequently, visualized three-dimensionally on the paper.

Although the book also works without the app, the additional component offered by the virtual information on the animal further enriches the visual experience. Besides the three-dimensional visual there are also acoustic contents transmitted in the process, just as a feeling of the track is possible thanks to the embossed print. Knowledge transfer, in other words, occurs here by way of a synaesthetic experience and in an innovative manner.

From an evolutionary point of view the art of tracking animals can be seen as a preliminary stage of literacy. This ability helped the human development greatly, but it is less and less appreciated in our civilized environment.

Reading tracks is a science of perception and interpretation of the found - an archaic passion, which has been part of the human development since the early days. Precise looking, recognition and interpretation helps us for orientation particularly in our days. When we read tracks we automatically change our perspective and focus on unfamiliar terrain. This is how we train specific brain patterns, which help us to attentively scan our environment, to read and thus understand the landscape better. It is the cultural achievement of reading tracks that brings us closer to nature.

SpurenlesenPhoto: Sam Strauss


This book shall help risk the first steps in reading tracks, in order to come into contact with the issue in a playful manner. If adults pick up the book together with children, and little stories are told on the individual animals and the shape of the animal tracks in passing memorized, these should also be recognizable afterwards in the actual world around, for example when going for a walk. If a child relates a track to an animal, there comes about, at the same time, a connection with the respective creature and thus also, in a certain sense, a closeness to nature from childhood days.



The free augmented reality app for iPhone, iPad and devices using Android can be downloaded from the App Store.

  • After installing and starting the app, please select Scanning.
  • Point your Smartphone or tablet at one of the animal drawings.



Programming: Georg Hobmeier & Christian Knapp,
Design: Roland Maurmair & Mark Beckmann
3D animals: Mark Beckmann,

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The free augmented reality app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store.

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The free augmented reality app for devices using Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

My First Book of Tracks – Artist Edition
Eight coloured relief prints and nine embossed prints on handmade card, produced by hand and bound.

Edition: 20 pieces
Salon für Kunstbuch No. 007
a No-ISBN publication | Vienna 2016
Production: Roland Maurmair
Print and embossing: Atelier Georg Egger

© Roland Maurmair 2016
All rights reserved.


The book My First Book of Tracks is available for EUR 20 plus postage and packaging.
The augmented reality app to go with the book is free.

The limited artist edition is available for EUR 380 plus postage and packaging.

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The book is an art product. To be used only under adult supervision.


Many thanks to all contributors and Sponsors.

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